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Prepare for the home buying process by speaking with a Mortgage Lender and provide them with a monthly payment that you feel is obtainable. Don’t forget about factoring into your budget additional costs like Utilities, Groceries, Gas, etc. Need help with what else to factor into your monthly budget? Ask your lender for help!

Provide all the documentation necessary and obtain a pre-approval through your mortgage lender (proof of funds for cash purchase).


Start previewing potential homes you would like to see online and save them. This way we can get a feel for what you like! – We will schedule showings on the homes of your choice and do our absolute best to accommodate your schedule!

Offers & Negotiations

Found a property you love? It’s time to write an offer to purchase the property!

Not sure what to offer? We will provide you with Comparable home that are For Sale, Pending and Sold. An offer should never be a guess, it should be based off the market data and numbers.

Accepted Offer

Your offer had been accepted, Congratulations! Now it’s crunch time. Schedule your home inspection to happen within 48 hours of an accepted offer. Call your Real Estate attorney and let them know to be on the look out for the contracts. Another buyer can place an offer or counter their previous offer at anytime. The Seller can accept another offer until contracts have been fully executed (signed by both Buyer and Seller). Once the Home Inspection is complete and satisfactory, meet with your Real Estate Attorney to sign contracts. Once the Seller signs, we are Under Contract!

Under Contract

Now that your contract is Fully Executed, this is where your Loan Officer goes to work(if you are obtaining a Mortgage). Your lender will be in contact with you often asking for documents like paystubs or bank account statements. Your lender will give you a Mortgage Commitment which states they are able to provide you with a Mortgage.

An appraisal will also be ordered by your lender to make sure the price you are paying for the home is what the home is worth. – Make sure to not make any big purchases on a credit card or deposit large sums on money into a bank account without speaking with your Loan officer. This can delay your closing.

Mortgage Commitment & Closing

Once all documents have been provided and approved, you will be provided a Mortgage Commitment which means the Bank has committed to providing you a mortgage! Your attorney will order a Title Search and Survey of the Property.

After all of the paperwork is processed, your Mortgage Lender will give a Clear to Close. The Clear to Close signifies that we are getting ready for Closing Day a.k..a. the day you become a New Homeowner!

Conduct a final walk-through of the property and meet at the closing table!

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